Gerald Flurry

The Armstrong International Cultural Foundation

Gerald Flurry founded the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation (AICF) in 1996. It serves as the humanitarian department for the Philadelphia Church of God, operating from Edmond, Oklahoma. It is patterned after the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, chaired by Herbert W. Armstrong in the days of the Worldwide Church of God. Unfortunately, Mr. Armstrong’s disloyal predecessors terminated the foundation. Today, this foundation is focused on giving and service.

Mr. Flurry wrote, “the concept behind all of the foundation’s goals and activities is twofold: 1) that man is a unique being, possessing vast mental, physical and spiritual potentials—the development of which should be aided and encouraged, and 2) that it is the responsibility of all men to attend to and care for the needs of their fellow men, a precept professed by the vast majority of religions of the world—appropriately summed up in three biblical words: ‘Love thy neighbor.’”

Mr. Flurry has supervised humanitarian projects in Jordan, Israel and the United States. He has collaborated with the Al-Hussein Society to rehabilitate and educate physically challenged Jordanian citizens; supported the Petra National Trust as it preserves Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; contributed to maintain Liberty Bell Park, a play place for Jewish and Palestinian children in Jerusalem; and assisted archaeologist Eilat Mazar in excavating the Ophel and the City of David.

The AICF has hosted a performing arts series nearly every year since 1998, which continues once again this year. Since 2010, the performing arts series has been hosted in the world-class performing arts center on the campus of Herbert W. Armstrong College: Armstrong Auditorium. The regal 44,000-square-foot concert hall has left concert goers inspired.

“We strive to bring the best of the human spirit to one of the most beautiful auditoriums in the world,” Mr. Flurry said. “And at times, we bring performers here when we know they will not draw the biggest audience. We strive to bring some of the most inspiring performers in this world. The size of the audience is not our main concern.”

This initially small foundation has grown into a great work of service, and the addition of Armstrong Auditorium has proved to champion Oklahoma as a world-class-center for the performing arts. Mr. Flurry’s vision has helped the AICF to make a positive impact on the lives of many.