Dinner With the Chancellor

The importance of God-Family education
Gerald Flurry - Dinner With the Chancellor

Senior Dinner With the Chancellor Gerald Flurry

Every year the senior class of Herbert W. Armstrong College has a formal dinner with chancellor Gerald Flurry in his home.

13 seniors ate with Mr. Flurry in an evening fit for kings. The evening featured tenderloin, a centerpiece made from crystal candelabras, gold-plated flatware and swan-shaped butter pats.

Seniors had the chance to speak with Mr. Flurry and Abe Blondeau wrote about the discussion the seniors had with him:

At one point in the evening, a question was asked about Mr. Flurry’s experience at Ambassador College and his interaction with Mr. Armstrong. He talked about how the training there was perfectly suited for what God was preparing him to do in the future, and he really benefited from learning from the best instructors they had. I automatically thought of how the education here at Armstrong College can do the same for anyone who comes here. If you have the attitude of a servant, there is no limit to how God can use you!

The discussion also went to other topics such as Mr. Flurry’s training in the ministry and a biography he recently read about Steve Jobs.

Senior dinners serve several purposes. They were started by Herbert W. Armstrong for Ambassador College. He set a high standard to encourage students to aspire to the very best of physical standards and to appreciate quality. Mr. Gerald Flurry has followed in the same tradition.

The dinner also gives Mr. Flurry an opportunity to inspire the students in a more direct way right before the seniors graduate and move onto the next stage of their lives. Mr. Flurry said that night that one’s education does not stop at Armstrong College; that it is just the foundation. “If your education stopped here,” he said, “you wouldn’t be very educated.”

In addition to encouraging them to keep learning, Mr. Flurry told the seniors to serve God and if service to God is their emphasis then God will give them their desires.